The Mentor Group

Benjamin Mentors are dream supporters of our students. The group of mentors assisting our students' Dream Year Project is composed of various professionals ranging from government officials, entrepreneurs and CEOs, college professors, medical doctors, and lawyers to artists, musicians, teachers, story writers, etc.

Students are assigned to many types of mentors after matriculation through a series of selection procedures. Mentors help students in unique ways, for example, by giving monthly special lectures at student workshops, organizing student visit programs to their workplace and providing career-consulting, and directly supporting or facilitating Benjamin student projects. The outcome of BSCE's customized counseling and experience-based programs can be maximized through this expansive and systematic countrywide mentorship. Through individual career counseling, we help each student actively discover their 'fit' with the potential pathways they wish to pursue.

Meeting with a Mentor

Regular mentor-mentee meetings and workshops are held throughout BSCE's program year. These opportunities serve as chances for students to meet and build networks with various mentors in one place.