Field Experience

Benjamin School for Character Education provides with students with field experience opportunities such as paid job experiences, career tours, and community services. Students acquire their own ability to earn a living by themselves, while shaping basic skills and unique preferences for future career paths as well.
Paid Job Experiences

Students step out to the world and pursue economic activities. On their own from employment to retirement, students grow a financial awareness, sense of responsibility, and independence, as well as sociality and interpersonal intelligence deriving from such a direct exchange with the world out there. Especially students learn to sincerely thank their parents. Considering these positive learnings arising from self-initiated economic activities, BSCE includes 3 months of paid job experience as one of our core curriculums.

part-time job experience
Career Tours

BSCE organizes various career tour events for students who are trying to figure out which career to pursue. Students are given opportunities to visit and explore enterprises, broadcasting stations, the National Assembly, the court of law, the National Police Agency, universities, etc. and to gain firsthand experience related with these workplaces.

career experience
Social Activities

BSCE supports and encourages student-organization and participation of diverse social activities of their choice, in order to foster mature civic awareness and sense of social responsibility. Student social activities include movements with goals of correcting distorted history textbooks, promoting traditional culture/language, preventing school violence, spreading Earth Citizen campaigns, protecting the natural environment, etc.

social participation experience
Community Services

Students are taught that values that they have found become more valuable when they are shared with others. Hongik (humanitarian) community service include painting weary walls, caring for abandoned animals, packing and delivering lunch boxes for the poor, participating in overseas volunteer activities and in the Global Unification Ambassador activities run by VANK (Volunteer Agency Network of Korea), etc. Expanding the scope of their consciousness from oneself and acquaintances to the society and the whole world, students naturally develop a humanitarian mindset.

Community Services