Program Summary

Area Course Contents Frequency

Gifted Character
Brain Education
(Offline / Brain
Operating System
ㆍ5-step Brain Education Principles & Practice
   - Brain workout, left-right integration activities, 12-step Benjamin workout
   - Mutual exchange, emotional purification, self-expression, vision meditation
1 time/ week
4 times/month
48 times/year
Student Workshop
(Offline / 2 days)
ㆍain Education (experience-based character education), Kookhak (culture & heritage education), career search/exploration
ㆍSpecial lectures by mentors and renowned personnel
ㆍPlanning of unique Benjamin Projects and progress report presentations
Student body friendship events, challenge activities & self-expression actions
1 time/month
11 times/year
Online Debate ㆍBook discussions & debates on required readings & readings of choice
Online brain education & Kookhak (culture & heritage education) lessons
Special lectures on opinion projection
1 time/week
3 times/month
33 times/year
Smart e-Learning
ㆍOnline lectures on Kookhak (culture & heritage education), brain education, Earth Citizen education 100 hours/year
Daily Life
ㆍMaintenance of the daily time-management planner & Benjamin Introspection Diary
ㆍOn & offline counseling & daily life management
5 times/week
unscheduled(all times)

Learning by Self
Benjamin Project ㆍSelection of a theme that fulfills one’s preference as well as social objectives
ㆍProactive planning, management & presentation
1+ times/year
Self-improvement Activities ㆍEnglish speaking / second foreign language
ㆍSports / art activity of choice
ㆍClub activities, online activities
2~3+ times/week per area
Community Service ㆍYouth social consciousness campaigns
-Distorted history rectification campaigns, “watch out language” campaigns, school violence prevention campaigns, etc.
ㆍEarth Citizens activities, environment protection activities
unscheduled(all times)

Career Exploration
Career Tour ㆍCounseling by mentors on career search
ㆍOffice visits & pratical experience-building
1+ times/month 10 times/year
Job Experience ㆍIndependence & economic awareness education through paid work experience 4~5 times/week

Global Leadership
Earth Citizens Camp ㆍVolunteer work, international exchange, language classes, Earth Citizens consciousness enhancement 10-day course1 time/year

BSCE’s educational program consists of various activities by which students are taught and encouraged to discover their own values and enhance their self-confidence through a carefully designed one-year character education curriculum based on brain education. Students learn to assess themselves at all times via the BOS (Brain Operating System).

The BOS(Brain Operating System) is defined by the following directions.
Collect your mind (stay sober)
Good news makes a good brain
Choices create reality
Be the owner of your time and space
Design your own environment.

Students familiarize with these 5 principles to apply them throughout the year among their dynamic experience.

BSCE’s program is basically a one-year curriculum. The school supports each student’s post-graduation plan, whether it be entrance to college, return to high school, study-abroad, job-seeking, starting a business, etc. through customized career counseling and allocation of opportunities.

The most outstanding point of BSCE’s educational curriculum is our mentor group composed of passionate professionals from various domains and character education expertise who communicate with and support our students via direct and multidimensional methods of mentorship. This faithful mentoring system serves as catalysts in maximizing the effect of our diverse learning programs and tailored consultations.

All programs and curricula of BSCE receive academic and technical support from the Korea Institute of Brain Science, Global Cyber University, and University of Brain Education.