Purpose of Establishment

자아실현, 인격완성, 홍익인간

Korea is a country that exhibits a very high level of educational competence, where a general parental
fervor for the better learning of their children also characterizes the society. On the other side, however,
Korea has also been ranked as the country with the highest teenage suicidal rate and teenage smoking
rate, along with the lowest happiness exponent among children and adolescents for the last five years.

Numerous problems associated with education arise from the competition-based perception of learning,
which has made the population believe that social status and wealth are derived from prestigious
scholastic achievements.
We, however, believe that truthful education is the type of learning that leads to the completion of one's
character. Children are our future; it is a regretful fact that each of their character and personality are not
enough respected in the current system, and that they, as a result, are losing the grounds to wholly
manifest their creativity, diversity, and autonomy.

The Benjamin School for Character Education was founded in 2014 with the purpose of fostering a system
in which students would realize individual values through self-realization and maturation of character,
which, again, we believe is the goal of real education. Here at Benjamin, students' goal is to discover, love,
understand and develop the character of their own.
Pursuing self-improvement with a curricular aim on making common values an actuality, students are
taught to design their own lives in an independent and creative manner. Humanitarianism, envisioned
in Korea's national ideal "Hongik Ingan", is the foundation of our character education.