Benjamin Franklin

벤자민 프랭클린

The name "Benjamin" in Benjamin School for Character Education comes from Benjamin Franklin,
the person we can find on the US $100 bill who inspired the well-known "Franklin Diary" platform used all around the world today.

Benjamin Franklin(1706~1790)'s life serves as our educational role model. Having gone to school for only 2 years and worked in a printing factory durin his whole adolescence, Benjamin Franklin devoted himself to public interest through efforts for self-improvement based on a concrete goal of completing one's own personality and character. He was the most respected politician, scientist, diplomat, social entrepreneur and writer,as well as< the precursor of introspective time management and self-improvement.

Benjamin Franklin did not patent any of his innovative inventions including the stove, rocking chair, lightening conductor, and bifocal glasses. This was due to his philosophy that inventions ought to pursue for public welfare and common interest.

Growing from an impoverished apprentice to a renowned leader, Benjamin Franklin never yielded to poor surroundings, strived to discover his own values, did his best to bring those values to reality, and returned such realizations to the society as dreams and hopes of all peoples.These traits make him our school's official role model.