Brain Education/BOS

BSCE runs an experience-based character
education curriculum with an emphasis on Brain
Education and the BOS (Brain Operating System).

The BOS (Brain Operating System) principles are acquired through courses include the following courses:
(1) ‘Waking Brain Senses’ that aim to awaken the senses of the body and brain to enhance concentrating abilities,
(2) ‘Brain Flexibility Training’ that fosters flexible thinking and problem-solving skills,
(3) ‘Brain Purification Training’ which deals with positive thinking and self-confidence,
(4) ‘Brain Integration’ which maximizes the information processing capacity of the brain, and the
(5) ‘Brain Ownership’
course which enables the change of habits and the proactive attainment of one’s goal.

Accordingly hardening students’ ownership of one’s own body and brain, Brain Education sessions are held once a week. The 12-step Benjamin Workout, Tai Chi exercise, brain workout, and brain education meditation are conducted as part of the education in order to foster self-regulation and concentration capacities of students. A sense of connectedness is induced through interactive activities between peer students and also family members who are often invited to participate. Multiple team activities let students share their dreams and discuss their visions as future global leaders.