What is a gifted (moral) character?

People with gifted characters (by which we do not
mean to classify certain personalities) are those who
regard the completion of personality as their life goals.
They design their own lives in an independent and
creative manner in order to realize public values and
maximize self-improvement.

We believe that Humanitarianism - the value
envisioned in Korea's national ideal,"Hongik Ingan":
Benefit Broadlythe Human World - is
inherent in the nature of gifted characters.

Performance-focused forms of education and equivalent evaluation systems have degraded the lives of our children with a valid correlation with more severe adolescent crises, suicidal rate, violence, etc.

Success without care for personality, along with too much competition without care for motivation have led to side-effects that have now become serious social problems.

The government and educational NGOs are seeking for solutions in the field of character education, as well as parents.

When education changes, lives change, and the society changes.

The fundamental goal of education is to learn to benefit oneself and the world.

Learning is not just about gaining skill sets to support a living,
but about pursuing happiness,self-realization, and the
completion of one's personality; in other words,
especially in our contemporary society, we are in need of
an educational platform that fosters 'gifted characters.'

The Gifted Character is the right people that time wants.

What kind of people do you want your children to grow up to become?
Not many would want their children to become a merely competent
individual with an ignoble personality; more would want them to be happy
and physically and spiritually healthy, with strong motivations based on a
firmly pleasant, humanitarian character. This is what we call a gifted character,
exactly what the world currently needs more of.