모든 아이를 인성영재로 키우는 학교/ 일지 이승헌:ㆍ글로벌사이버대학교 총장ㆍ국제뇌교육종합대학원대학교 총장ㆍ한국뇌과학연구원 원장ㆍ국제뇌교육협회 회장ㆍ국학원 설립자

모든 아이를 인성영재로 키우는 학교
일지 이승헌:
- ㆍ글로벌사이버대학교 총장
ㆍ국제뇌교육종합대학원대학교 총장
ㆍ한국뇌과학연구원 원장
ㆍ국제뇌교육협회 회장
ㆍ국학원 설립자

I used to be a failing student at school. I could not read for more than 5 minutes; staying in my seat itself was a torture. School was never a fun place to be. My degree of self-confidence couldn’t have been lower. Not until my middle years did I find out that I had ADHD.

Back then, my father, who was an educator himself, would always encourage me; he called me a late bloomer. One day when I was crossing a bridge over a stream in my town, distressed by multiple rejections from colleges I had applied to, I saw a bulk of decaying trash underneath. That moment I identified with that pile of garbage. The next day, I came back with a shovel and wagon and started to clean it up. For so many times I went back and forth to deliver and bury the rotting trash in an open space among the hills. In that open space where I buried the trash, I planted pumpkin seeds.
Several months later, that open space turned into a thriving pumpkin garden, excellently manured with decomposed garbage. Distributing the pumpkins I had grown to my townspeople, I realized the essence of true happiness. I found out that accomplishing a goal that I had chosen myself is the key to the discovery of my own value; I also became aware of the sincere humanitarian pleasure derived from the act of sharing with others.
From that moment, my life changed. The goal of my life that I found through countless contemplations that followed was to spread the Hongik Ingan spirit (Humanitarianism), Korea’s national founding principle and educational ideal.

I made multiple attempts to distribute this principle which starts from finding the values of oneself and completing one’s personality by realizing such values. I realized that, in finding such values, making the best of the human brain’s self-introspective creativity was essential; this concept brought about my foundation of Kookhakwon, IBREA, and KIBS, as well as Global Cyber University and University of Brain Education. And finally, on top of accumulated comprehensions and realizations acquired from these efforts, the Benjamin School for Character Education opened its doors to the public.

Benjamin School for Character Education is an “A5” school. “A” is for “absent”, as five obvious factors of a school are absent in BSCE. BCSE has (1) no buildings, (2) no subject teachers, (3) no subject lessons, (4) no exams, and (5) no report cards. Our students are encouraged to step out towards the world and not into a building. BSCE supports them as they dynamically plan projects, meet others, experience activities by themselves; self-learning is one of our core principals.

The future world will desperately call for global talents that essentially accompany a personality and creativity that benefit oneself and others. BSCE is a clear alternative that has the potential of solving the contemporary educational crisis. It is my greatest pleasure to dedicate its education curriculum and system to all humanity.

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