Young Adults’ Gap Year

A Year in your 20s to Change the Rest of Your Life

Stories of numerous BSCE alumni on their “Dream Year Projects” start as hopes and finish as miracles. Our students’ stories gathering so much attention in the media and online, we decided to expand our program, starting from 2016, for youth in their twenties.

The youth today, especially in Korea, are vulnerable to the deprivation of independence and motivation, easily sacrificed by performance-based competitions. Big changes can be made when young adults recognize their own values and dreams. The Young Adults’ Gap Year aims to offer a year of miracle, a year of change during which young men and women would be given extraordinary opportunities of challenge, growth, and creation.

Benjamin Gap Year education
  • Brain Workshop
  • One of the core curriculums composing the Young Adults’ Gap Year is the Brain Workshop. The 6 consecutive workshops held every 2 months train students to get familiar with the “Brain Operating System,” a brainstorming methodology designed by BSCE customized for self-discovery.
  • global opportunities
  • Various global opportunities are provided. As in the Korea-China-Japan Earth Leaders Workshop that was held in February 2016, students can build networks with peers all around the world. The Global Earth Citizens Leadership Course and Overseas Volunteer Program are also good examples of opportunities overseas. BSCE coordinates with Earth Citizens Training Centers located in the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Jeju Island, etc.
  • Mentorship Workshops
  • Mentorship Workshops are also frequently held in order to provide participants with counseling regarding career paths and aptitudes fits. External mentors visit to speak for and listen to our young adults. Brain trainers and brain education professionals are also present at these workshops for individual coaching.
  • Benjamin Project
  • The Benjamin Project is a creative one-year project planned led proactively by each student. Such projects are outlined with humanitarian guidance in parallel with socially beneficial objectives, naturally leading students to realize dreams for the common good. Students are encouraged to step out of their safety zone to the world in order to earn self-confidence and problem solving skills, as well as a clear sense of accomplishment. The projects’ results are presented at Brain Workshops and Benjamin Festivals.
  • debate and discussion
  • Students are also given arranged schedules for debate and discussion activities, along with team-based projects. These activities become the source of improvement in thinking skills, teamwork, respect for others, and a mature sense of Earth citizenship.
  • Self-introspection and self-improvement
  • Self-introspection and self-improvement are the core of discovering one’s values and dreams. Students are accordingly told to write daily introspection diaries, and are taught the 12-Step Benjamin Workout to ensure that our students maintain and improve their physical fitness which would enable them to keep their mental health in a refreshed state.
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