Self-Improvement Activities

Utilizing various channels of the social education system, students plan and create opportunities of self-improvement in an autonomic manner. Bucket lists generally may include, but are not limited to, physical, artistic and linguistic activities. Some students choose to learn calligraphy or photography from art sector mentors; others choose to run a marathon, or to go on stage by practicing to dance, sing, act, etc.

Students with common hobbies and interests gather to form diverse clubs, collectively developing and improving their talents and aptitudes. Club activities also help foster students’ character in a team-setting and as members or leaders of a group.

Many of our students have produced the stories of their “change” in formed of video clips or short movies. Bringing about sensation to peers inside and outside the school, the mutual on and offline share and support of our students have become a fertile ground for new challenge. A one-year amount of personal stories later serve as each student’s portfolio at the end of the year.