Honorary Chairman

Character education, the crucial answer to Korea's educational limits and crises / Soo-sung Lee-Honorary Chairman of BSCE-Former Prime Minister-Former President of Seoul National University

We nowadays share a common worry regarding the reality of education in Korea. I myself have had deep concerns due to my perception that few responsive efforts had been made to change the future. But one day in 2014, the Benjamin School for Character Education was established with the key value that will resolve the limits and problematics of our education: the fostering of character.

BSCE is an innovative alternative school that propels the discovery and realization of our students’ own values, effectively halting the overheated competitive drive towards performance-based college prep systems that us adults have created.

I cannot trust BSCE more in that it will foster true gifted characters that will lead students to become real owners of their lives and to play their unique roles in the world as responsible grown-ups.