School History

  • Jan. 15 Dream Talk Concert w/ Hyunho Oh (Exploration Pilot)
  • Feb. 4 Establishment of the new Young Adults’ Gap Year Program
  • Feb. 14 Dream Talk Concert w/ Benjamin Power Mentors
  • Feb. 17 Countrywide Benjamin Teachers Workshop
  • Feb. 26 Class of 2016 Graduation Ceremony (Dream Year Project, 410 students)
  • Mar. 4 Opening Ceremony of Hongik Character Educ. Center
    Class of 2017 Matriculation Ceremony (Dream Year Project)
    Class of 2017 Matriculation Ceremony (Young Adults’ Gap Year)
  • Feb. 13~14 Student Workshop & Graduation Show
  • Mar. 4 Launch of Online Education Management System
  • Mar. 4 Class of 2015 Graduation Ceremony (Dream Year Project, 27 students)
    Class of 2016 Matriculation Ceremony (Dream Year Project, 479 students)
  • Apr. 16 World Citizen Education Speech & UCC Competition
  • Apr.~May. Selection of multiple students as Delegation for International Student Exchange Program Korea 2015
  • Jun. 22 1st Global Leadership Earth Citizen Camp (recent: 11th)
  • Jun. 29 1st Benjamin Good News Video Cast (recent: 10th)
  • Jul. 12 Benjamin students win 1st and 2nd prize in the 2nd National Student Character Speech Competition
  • Jul. School Youtube channel exceeds 100k+ views (largest number among alternative school channels)
  • Aug. 9 1st National BSCE Teachers Competition
  • Aug. 29 Mentors’ Talk Concert on Dream & Career
  • Sep. 2 MOU w/ Seoul Hoseo Technical College & Seoul Hoseo Art College
  • Sep. 20 Participation at Happy Education, Donation for Education, & Afterschool Programs Exposition (supervised by Ministry of Education)
  • Oct.~Dec. 50 nationawide Admissions Briefing Sessions and Gifted Character Festivals
  • Nov. 2 Presented as model case for Innovative Education at Korea Future Education Forum
  • Nov. 15 Benjamin students win 1st prize and Best Group Award at Student Happiness Olympiad ((supervised by Forum for Practicing Character Education of the Korea National Assembly)
  • Nov. 21, 23 Presentation as < Successful Youth Mental Healthcare Case > at the 2nd Global Mental Health Seminar (held Nagoya Univ. & Tokyo Univ.)
  • Nov. 23 MOU w/ BSCE Japan
  • Dec. 26~30 Korea-Japan Global Gifted Characters’ Camp
  • Dec. 29 Guest lecture by Principal & student presentations at Korea-Japan Future Youth Education Forum
  • Mar. 4 Foundation Ceremony Class of 2015 Matriculation Ceremony (27 students)
  • Mar. 27 First Monthly Student Workshop
  • May. 18 Parent Workshop
  • May. 29 Honorary Transfer Admission Ceremony of Jaewook Lee, victim of Sewol Ferry incident
  • Sep. 21 1st Seoul Gifted Characters Education Forum
  • Nov. 22~28Gifted Character Festivals
  • Dec. 2~23 Earth Citizens Global Leadership Camp @ Sedona, AZ, US.
  • Oct.~Dec. Admissions Briefing Sessions for class of 2016
  • Nov. 26 Mentorship Event
  • Dec. 2 Benjamin students win the Secretary-General of the National Assembly Award and are recognized as the largest school group to enter the finals at the 1st National Middle and High School Speech & Debate Competition
  • Dec. 18 International Mentor Lectures Admissions Briefing Sessions
  • Jan.~Dec. BSCE Test-operation period
  • Dec. Establishment of BSCE Steering Committee
  • Jul. Starting Ceremony of Online “Good School“
  • Aug. Establishment proposal by Ilchi Lee (Founder)
  • Jul. Establishment Ceremony of Kookhakwon