The Benjamin Project

What is a Benjamin Project?
Benjamin Projects are creative initiatives that contribute to t planned, operated, and completed by each and every student of BSCE.

In the beginning of the school year, students select a theme of their one-year project, considering their own preference and potential contribution to the society. From planning to completion, students themselves are the directors of their projects. Our students have chosen to challenge themselves by setting goals such as completing the triathlon, holding a painting exhibition, going on a penniless journey to the countryside. Others have chosen to conduct team projects such as cross-country marches, flash mobs on contemporary international issues (e.g. sovereignty over Dokdo Island), relay community services trips (e.g. massage service for the elderly), talk show organization, etc. Students naturally acquire a concrete sense of responsibility and problem solving ability by working their way through the project that they chose themselves, and learn to communicate and interchange their own capacities and resources with the world out there. Two mentors are assigned to each student to support the one-year project via forms of mentorship including one-on-one consultations.

Students, by themselves, must learn the knowledge and acquire the skills necessary to achieve their goals throughout their projects. Professional mentors and BSCE teachers are always there to actively counsel and support the students in making tangible accomplishments. Students’ creativity and potential capacities develop day by day as their projects progress; at the end, they bear self-learned problem-solving abilities that will fulfill the needs of the future society.