Greetings from the Principal

한 아이를 키우려면 온 마을이 필요하다/ 김나옥 : ㆍ청소년멘탈헬스인성교육협회 회장ㆍ한국뇌과학연구원 부원장ㆍ국제뇌교육협회 부회장ㆍ전 교육과학기술부 교육연구관ㆍ전 국립서울맹학교 교감ㆍ교육학 박사

한 아이를 키우려면 온 마을이 필요하다
ㆍ청소년멘탈헬스인성교육협회 회장
ㆍ한국뇌과학연구원 부원장
ㆍ국제뇌교육협회 부회장
ㆍ전 교육과학기술부 교육연구관
ㆍ전 국립서울맹학교 교감
ㆍ교육학 박사

There is a Korean saying that goes, “It takes the whole town to raise one child.”
Benjamin School for Character Education is adynamic one-year program in
which studentsdevelop an inner power to foster the ownership of their
own lives by leaping out to the world, learning to set and take
responsibility for one’s own goals.

Our “town,” or school community network is composed not only of teachers and parents, but also a large group of external local mentors who share the vision of character cultivation. These mentors act as dream consultants who heartily support and counsel our students as they proactively go through an autonomous determination of career goals and scholastic objectives.

We cordially promise to do our best in making headway in laying the groundwork for a humanitarian “Earth Citizen Education,” sprouting buds of hope in fostering gifted characters that will change the future.